The Peer Learning Model

No teachers, no classes. You are the boss of what you learn. Our Peer-Learning model allows the school to be open 24/7. You can come when you like, at any time of the day or night, including weekends.

Nobody but you are in charge of your success and the success of your partners. The entire study course is practical, and project based. No lectures where students doze off into the abyss every 15 minutes. You and your team’s progress are your responsibility.

The Modern and Independent Way of Learning

The groundwork of Peer-Learning is group work. Students will have to confront each other, trade and learn ideas from one another. As usual, there will be some unwillingness, doubts, fears, and questions on the way to the finishing line. These challenges will constantly surface when working with your group. They will keep you alert, and on your toes, not by overt copying or memorizing concepts, but rather by research, testing and supporting your ideas. You need to be thirsty for knowledge, willing to team up with your peers and not wait to be spoon-fed by your teachers to provide all the answers.

Assessment – By Peers

Student projects are assessed by peers. This is done by an inter-student self-assessment system, where peers analyze the project and assess it according to a grading scale. There are no scores, just a dialogue. This exchange makes it possible to pinpoint the problems a project may have to tackle them rapidly. Students may also defend their programming decisions. In the end, this is just to show that we may interpret things differently, and a grade is given to signify the previous assessments.

The Peer Pedagogy

Students will have the possibility of submitting their projects to others due to this model. It does not matter if a project is done with skills acquired before or after beginning a project. The 42 school and its community will have access to a massive set of projects, that promotes experimenting and learning. Every student can make something that will be remembered at 42 Bangkok and may even be admired in the world as a programming milestone.

The Gamified Curriculum

Students can develop their autonomy and expertise through this gamified experience. The projects are structured like a video game. Through quests or the collection of player points, you will progress as if you were gaining skills, increasing your levels and capabilities. Essentially, you will be in control of your progress and can focus on specific qualities or topics and move forward at your own pace.

During your adventure, you will collect player points, among 17 professional skills. Which means you will be moving up from one level to another.

You will also earn “achievements” – these quest awards will make learning fun by inspiring you to completely immerse yourself in the gaming world. Here, everyone makes progress according to their own pace. Nobody is ever late because the course is 100% individualized.

The course duration includes internships or part-time jobs in the corporate world. The curriculum can be shortened or extended without any impacts on the training for each individual student. The benchmarks for student learning are indicated in the form of levels of experience instead of years. Students will be able to take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by 42 Bangkok over the duration of course as long as they are determined and willing to put in the effort.